ZenCam: Peace of Mind as a Service

ZenCam is a video based security monitoring & management solution enabling 'peace of mind', built to overcome limitations of existing DVR based CCTV solutions. ZenCam enables controlling & accessing video from cameras installed to monitor premises through mobile app (and browser).  ZenCam offering is evolving to enable innovative features like timeline view of the security events, local & hosted video archival, social sharing, analytics based features like face detection, number plate detection etc. 

The solution comes in two form factors based on deployment scenarios:

  • Consumer: Smaller deployments (<20 cameras) with limited feature requirements.
  • Enterprise: Larger spread out deployment (>20 cameras) with extensive features for camera, video and user management.

Our Commitment

We are on the mission to bring ‘Peace of Mind’ to our customers with ZenCam, our turn-key video surveillance/security solution. ZenCam is designed for simplistic management with intuitive mobile and web interface, video archive management, user and system management. We help our customers from management and operation of complete life cycle of Video Security, from deployment to operations.

With our installation, extended warranty, system maintenance and support services, we ensure that our customers do not have to worry about hassles of complicated management of video security systems.

Camera, Video, and User Management

Highly Scalable and Configurable

Wireless High-Def IP Cameras

Local and Remote Access (Hybrid Solution)

Rich Mobile and Web Applications

Distributed Storage options

Integrated technical support

Turn-key installation and customer support plans for enterprise customers