Our Solution

ZenCam OM is a ‘Video Based Security Monitoring’ solution for home owners, small businesses and premises.
It features:

  • Access your videos anywhere in the world to monitor your premises and loved ones
  • Simple and Easy deployment (do-it-yourself)
  • Intuitive Mobile and Web based applications
  • Access your videos anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive ZenCam mobile and browser applications
  • Add up to 10 cameras using simple steps
  • Connects with your local network through Ethernet or WiFi (no additional wiring required)
  • Real-time notifications on your mobile device for any intrusion
  • Record videos on network or local storage (configurable storage)
  • Introducing unique timeline view giving you a picture of all the events

Why ZenCam?

At Zenesis we are committed to bring ‘peace of mind’ to your lives with our flagship solution ZenCam. ZenCam is a simple to deploy Video Surveillance solution enabled with mobile and web based technologies.

Our state of the art solution is well suited for home owners, educational and commercial institutions looking to secure their premises.

ZenCam is based on IP camera infrastructure. It utilizes existing LAN setup in a premises. With our wireless cameras, customers require incremental or no extension to their networks to setup.

ZenCam OM Starter Kit

ZenCam OM Starter Kit is our flagship product and it is the foundation for the Video Surveillance for home owners and small businesses looking for a quick and easy way to setup a Video Surveillance solution. It includes:


Up to 10 cameras can be added to ZenCam base station. We support different camera types for varied needs:
(Outdoor/Indoor, WiFi/Wired, Pan-Tilt-Zoom)

Special Introductory Offer
20% Discount

* Starter Kit can be upgraded to accommodate any of these cameras

Remote Access

ZenCam allows remote access to the live and stored videos from any remote location with the base station connected through the internet.

We offer subscription plans for users requiring remote access starting at INR 250 per month (can be availed through ZenCam Apps).

Installation & Support

ZenCam Om is a simple to deploy solution for DIYers. and it comes with an instruction manual.
For non-tech savvy users, we offer onsite installation service for INR 1,500 (only offered in NCR region).
Installation Services do not include setting up Ethernet or WiFi service.

We offer


warranty on all of our products